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may i introduce CHARLES HUMENRY

Posted on August 5, 2015


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may i introduce CHARLES HUMENRY

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Yes, it has been a long time since I last reached out to you all.  Since the last time I have returned to the US from that magical city of Istanbul.  Upon arriving back in Denver the decision was made to relocate to the West Coast of Florida.  We’ve gone from the mountains to the sea, and so far all is good.  More about Florida adventures in a subsequent post.  Today I would like to introduce you to a rare young talent . . . . . Charles Humenry.


Every now and then a musician, a thoroughly multi-talented individual crosses my path and just blows me away with their ability, their vision, and their soul and makes me want to share with all of you.  Songwriter, producer, arranger, and composer of film scores, from rock and pop to jazz to classical and modern children’s songs Charles Humenry does it all!! 


His father, French singer/songwriter and musical legend, Jean Humenry, first introduced me to his son Charles.  At the time Charles was still a student at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2014.  As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Charles has taken the family musical DNA and strengthened it through his own songs, his interpretations of other’s, his modern children’s songs, his scores for film, theatre, dance, and all forms of visual arts.


Charles began his classical musical journey at the early age of 5 in a music conservatory in Paris.  I Had the opportunity to sit at the piano in France where his mother Catherine gave him his first introduction to the wonderful world of the piano.  At 17 he finally began to experiment with his father’s collection of guitars and knew that he had to write songs and compose music. 


From his website:


“At 18 and right after graduating from high school, Charles Humenry stopped the conservatory and decided to devote his life to music. He attended the ASMM (American School Of Modern Music, now IMEP), a jazz school in Paris. He was lucky enough to study with amazing teachers such as Peter Giron (Westminster College alumni), Phil Hilfiker (Berklee College of Music alumni), Christopher Culpo (Juilliard and BU alumni) and Claudia Solal. After 3 years, he chose to audition for Berklee. He was accepted and received two scholarships from the school after the first audition.


For 3 years, he followed the path of his heroes such as Esperanza Spalding, Quincy Jones, Diana Krall, John Mayer and Howard Shore. He studied with Bob Doezema, Greg Hopkins and Pat Pattison who taught those respected iconic artists.”


At any given time we will find Charles co-composing and doing all the sound design, sound editing as well as recording and arranging the soundtrack for such new works as the independent film Race by Tom L. Wark. 


Soon he will begin collaboration with Dylan Guerra (an exciting and unique new voice in the theatre as well as working with well-know artist Janet Echelman.


He has also been playing and singing classic jazz standards with his bandmates in Skyline V.


In today’s world it is so refreshing to see the young giving back to the community.  Charles has helped singer/songwriter Casey McQuillen by producing and bringing her award winning “You Matter Tour” to schools, sharing her program about anti-bullying, self-confidence, and realizing dreams with 10 to 17 year old students.  Combining Casey’s lyrics and unique voice with Charles’ incredible production skills, the show is an incredible uplifting experience.!you-matter-tour/c1jr6


 Over the years you have seen me recommend different, extremely talented people.  But over the years I can’t think of one of my recommendations as talented as Charles Humenry.  Charles is currently going through the long, hard process of attempting to have his visa renewed, allowing him to continue his work and realize his own dreams in the USA.  He wants to continue his work and his dreams in America, and we want him to.  What a shame if that were not to happen. 


Please feel free to share, particularly with anyone who can help make a difference in Charles’ visa attempts. I know there are very influential people who follow this blog.  I am sure you can help.


As always, thank you for taking the time to read . . . . .