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On the road . . . .

Posted on November 15, 2014

 On the road . . . . 

Hard to believe all the time and all the miles spent and travelled and all the people I have met, lost, or forgotten during this lifetime . . . .

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Paris for a few days . . . .  An incredible person I had known and respected for years but had yet to meet in person picked me up at the airport and took me to his home.  As we were recording in his wonderful home studio he told me he had bought the incredible home in the French countyside outside of Paris 30 years ago, a home where he had raised his son, a home where he intended to spend his last time on Earth . . . .  And what a beautiful home it was.

It made me start to think of where I had been, how many places I had lived, how many places I had visited and spent time . . . .  For those who have never been to America, it is very big. There are 50 states spread over a vast area with Alaska and Hawaii separated by many miles from the mainland.  I have been  blessed to visit all 50 of the great states and have yet to personally meet anyone who has done the same.

Then, I began to think of all of my friends who have lived within miles of where they grew up, friends who have developed life-long friendships in which they regularly see their friends they have known for years.  I began to realize I missed that, wondered what that was like.  Not to mention the years spent away from my own family.  I began to finally realize how the wanderlust had been instilled in me in such an early age.

So, just for my own edification I decided to compile a list by years of where I have lived and actually thought roots were going to be placed.  Crazy me, other than a few places where years have been spent I realize now how my personality may have developed.  People have said I have never met a stranger.  Now I realize that even from an early age no one could be a stranger because I had such a short time to make contact and make perhaps a few friends.  I share a short (?) list of the lifetime (dates are pretty accurate but . . . .):  


1950 - 1956Bedford, Ohio

1956 - 1956Hillsboro, Illinois

1956 - 1960Litchfield, Illinois

1960 - 1962Albia, Iowa

1962 - 1965Montgomery, Ohio

1965 - 1968Westlake, Ohio

1968 - 1969Bainbridge, Maryland

1969 - 1970New London, Connecticut

1970 - 1971Westlake, Ohio

1971 - 1971New Orleans, Louisiana

1971 - 1975San Francisco, California

1975 - 1982Bluefield, Virginia

1982 - 1984Huntington, West Virginia

1984 - 1987Granville, Ohio

1987 - 1988San Francisco, California

1988 - 1991East Amherst, New York

1991 - 1998Simsbury, Connecticut

1998 - 2010Denver, Colorado

2010 - 2012Rostov-on-Don, Russia

2012 - 2012Moscow, Russia

2012 - 2013Denver, Colorado

2013 - 2014Istanbul, Turkey

After Istanbul, who knows?

But the fact remains that I have made so many friends and so many people have touched my life and my heart over all the years.  Would I change it?  Looking back on the places I have lived and visited, the people I have met, the cultures I have experienced, yeah . . . . I wouldn't change a thing . . 

I spoke earlier of visiting Paris a few weeks ago.  Meeting a dear friend of years who I had never met until he picked me up at the airport and welcomed me to his home is incredible.  Having coffee with another recording artist the next day in Paris who I have known for years but was meeting for the first time was incredible.  Music particularly is a strong bond.

It is such a small world.  We have cultural differences, political differences, and sociological differences.  But I have found that all of the differences are miniscule when human beings take the time to get to know each other, to listen, to learn, and to care.  

So, would I change the life I have been given . . . . not for for a moment.  So many of you have taken the time to read my musings are people I have known a lifetime.  Some of you I have never met yet we have formed wonderful friendships.  And some of you reading I have never had an interaction with.  Just know, it is a small world, and hopefully all of our paths will cross either here on Mother Earth or somewhere else, at least I hope so.

So, if you have read this far, you know the value I place on each of you . . . . my family, friends, acquaintances, and those I have yet to meet.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But, always remember . . . . take the time to get to know each other . . . . listen to each other, accept each other regardless of the differences you may have . . . . agree to disagree . . . . and always remember, countries are not their governments, countries and communities are the people . . . . and people are the best.

Love and peace . . . .

Thanks for reading  . . . .