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Roger Holzheimer: Blog


Posted on July 10, 2014

Roger Holzheimer . . . . . .

what's so funny he says . . .
maybe a joke, maybe he is thinking about life or the craziness of the world we find ourselves in . . .  
it has now been one and a half years (officially) in beautiful, magical, mysterious Istanbul, which, i might add, is hard to believe indeed. . . . 
it has also been a few months since last i reached out to you loyal friends, colleagues, and casual followers, but just a quick note to let all know i am  "alive and kicking" . . .  not kicking as hard as a few years ago but still kicking . . . .  and i have to tell you, Istanbul is a GREAT place to be kickin' around . . . .
i used to think life began at 20 . . . .  then at 29 i thought it began at 30 . . . .  at 39 i thought it began at 40 . . . . at 49 i thought it began at 50 . . . but then at 59 i thought it began at 60 . . . . in 5 years will i begin to think it begins at 70?
but i realize age is just a number by which [...]
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been a long time

Posted on April 18, 2014

Roger Holzheimer

Been a while, I do believe . . . .
Once upon a time there was this kid from Cleveland, Ohio who decided there were other pastures to explore.  From an early age he experienced relocation from town to town and from state to state, finally ending up back in the city of his birth.  Although considered a "clever boy" his academic accomplishments fell short of what others deemed his true potential.  His father, a clever man himself, was good with his mind and with his hands, an engineer by trade and a lover of music.  At an early age our clever young boy was exposed to the best of the music world by his father, falling in love with great jazz, fantastic rhythms, and incredible vocals and decided that he liked it all.  Not one to like working with his hands unless they were on the neck of an old steel string guitar, he ignored the wood shop of his father's basement and instead would find himself in the back yard under a tree [...]
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thank you

Posted on January 24, 2014


Roger Alan Holzheimer

thank you . . . . . . .
to all who have touched my life and my heart, from all over the world, you are special . . . you are dear . . . you motivate and inspire me each waking moment . . . whether we met for five minutes or we have known each other a lifetime, you all hold a special place in my heart . . . because each of you have touched my soul in some way or another . . . and for that . . . i thank you 

it's been a while . . . . . . .

Posted on November 15, 2013

roger holzheimer . . . . . . . .

it has been a long, long time . . . .
hey, as we said growing up in the home of rock and roll, cleveland, ohio, how ya doin'  . . . .  yeah, been a while, you've been busy, i've been busy, you know, life just keeps keepin' us busy . . . . you're all over the world, faithful friends, doin' your thing, and i have been doin' mine . . . . but, believe it or not i think about you all a lot . . . .  those i know and those i only know because you have taken the time to listen to a few of my songs and send encouraging notes . . . .  'preciate it and you . . . .
so, some random drivel . . . . yeah, if you like you can delete now . . . but you might miss something somewhat interesting . . . .  never know . . .
as you know, been living in the wonderful, incredible, historic city of istanbul where magic seems to always be just around the corner . . .  and even though there are anywhere from 14 [...]
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Istanbul Show 27/09/2013

Posted on September 29, 2013


For those who were able to come to Friday nights's show you know I appreciate it and you my favorite fans!!  For those who because of geographical reasons or whatever, I am sorry you missed it, but there will be many, many more opportunities. 
So, for those who were there and those who weren't  . . . .  the set list:
1.  Oh Lord (Acappela)
2.  Younger
3.  If You See Her
4.  Good Lovin'
5.  Ghost of Kerouac
6.Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
7. I Saw You
8. Hide Your Love Away
9. Sugar Mountain
10. Ain't Too Proud To Beg (Acappela)
11.  I Want To Hold Your Hand
12.  The Boxer
13.  Wordlessly Watching
14.  Act Naturally
15.  Blue Suede Shoes (Acappela)
16.  Found
17.  '57 Chevy
A fun set, mine, oldies, classics, and just a bunch of songs I love . . .  Hope to see you at the next show . . . .  Turkey, Sweden, [...]
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