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  1. '57 Chevy

From the recording '57 Chevy


'57 chevy on blocks in the backyard
the paint is fading just like his schemes
it doesn't matter that the battery's dead
the keys are lost just like his dreams
the weeds are growing through the bumpers and the taillights
the mice have made a home of the front seat
he sits at home alone just like most nights
still he dances on to his own beat
he sits on the front porch watching
making all his battle plans
then he moves on to the back yard
he's ready for his final stand  
he thinks about the life he once had
yeah no apoligies and no regrets
he knows you gotta take the good with the bad
the life you lead is the life you get 
he moves over to the '57 chevy
you know the one in the back yard
he knew it really wasn't going to be that easy
yeah but man it really wasn't that hard
he throws the matches on the front seat
the flames turn from blue to red
and like that'57 chevy
the life that he once had is dead
so if you've got a '57 chevy
or something like it in your mind
just throw those matches there on the front seat
and leave that evil past behind
'57 chevy, '57 chevy