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  1. Ghost of Kerouac

From the recording Ghost of Kerouac


they turned you away for the last time last night
you packed your stuff and turned off the light
on the dreams they had for your life
man they planned it just so right

headed down the road just about midnight
wonderin' how far you be come firstlight
before they saw that you were gone
left so quietly before dawn

you never cared too much for feelings
the bad ones came and left you reeling
the good ones never stayed too long
in just a moment they were gone

on the road with your dusty rucksack
you saw the ghost, the ghost of kerouac
he was all alone he was crying
he said how sad the whole world's dieing

they don't know it they don't fear it
they're numb in body, numb in spirit
got no time for the truth they're eyeing
only time for their lieing

you asked him if he every stumbled
well he just laughed and he just mumbled
you worry 'bout your paths not mine
you have no history you have no time

you thought about those words for years
you found yourself laughing through the tears
you took his thoughts
you took your time
you took the life you thought you'd find

after all those years you went back
threw away that dusty old rucksack
settled in for a long time coming
then you found you had become like them

your stories written and your stories beat
your stories shared with the people that you meet
they call you crazy they call you wierd
because you're everything they
have feared

we change out times like kerouac said
we change our minds until we're dead
and i know why he was crieing
he was right the whole world's dieing

they don't know it they don't fear it
they're numb in body numb in spirit
they've got no time for the truth they're eying
only time for their dieing