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  1. Your Window

From the recording Your Window


i see the light in your window
i see it shing through your shade
i hate the fact that he's there with you
does he know he has it made

i'm standing here on your corner
i'm wondering how you live
i want you little one come be with me
i have so much to give

i had these feelings long ago
you took his love instead
and now i try to cope with the fact
he's lieing in your bed

in the space that we shouldd share
but probably never will
his hold on you was strong back then
and i know that it is still

lies and cries make it btter
for me but not for you
'cause i can walk away
there's nothing you can do

i see your shadow on the window shade
you pull and let it rise
you don't see me standing here
but i see lonely eyes

you stare into the distance
and then you turn to go
you pull the switch the lights go out
and still i know

may come a time when i'm the one
laying in your bed
but 'til that time comes
i'll be standing here
and crying instead